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Why the heck is this video here and how does it relate to this sites content?

This is actually an amazing tool for lowering the bounce rate on my website. When placed on pages that have higher bounce rates than what I want to see, it entices viewers to click on the link to see just why it's here in the first place.

Marketing Should Be Disruptive

That's right. Good marketing breaks the norm and stands-out and grabs your viewers attention. While we don't want to mislead a site visitor, we do want to make the point how a really disruptive presentation can really pay-off and turn around a less than desirable bounce rate. When a site is a little boring because it selling the brand and not immediately solving the viewers need, you sometimes have to think of other methods to entice the potential client and start to develop a relationship. However, it's very important that you don't waste their time.


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This has nothing to do with the following:

  • Gateway to Awareness, Inc
  • Lokken's Keep
  • R U Game?
  • Scale Model Corvette
  • Visitate la Pagina di Laurie, dedicata al Fratello Brian.

These are all back-links out on the net that I've never been able to get rid of.

Bounce Rate Tip – Funny was last modified: by
Bounce Rate Tip – Funny was last modified: by